Tuesday, August 18, 2015

The Hunt for Baby Cot

Following our room revamping process, we went hunting for a cot for BabyIJ. Now, I don't know whether my little man would want to sleep separately, but we would want him to sleep in his own cot. Its a matter of preference of course. There is nothing wrong if you prefer your baby to sleep in your bed. Besides, in our case, he will be sleeping in the same room, just separated by the cot. I hope I won't be the one who would go all soft and bring him to bed with us. Adam, you need to toughen up too!

Our first stop was mothercare in KLCC. Took us a while to find it since we were not familiar with the whole kids/mothers department placement in KLCC (this will soon change). I admit I have been eyeing on stokke sleepi because of its interchangeable ability, can be used up to 10 years AND the mini size is just too cute! Apparently it is shaped like a nest to give an environment of the womb to the newborn. 

Can you see me beam?

Alas, the price was a bit too high for us. We also found another brand that is similar to Stokke in terms of function, but in a much smaller size. The Farska is also interchangeable. When looked up online, it seems like its a more popular choice for the Japanese. This is of course not a surprise as the Japanese are known for their choices for compact living which is also what we would want for the room

It is more flimsy than the Stokke Sleepi though. The price is within our budget but we decided to wait since this is only the first time we've looked through some baby cot options.

We finally bought our baby cot last weekend and we decided to buy the Gelite Grace 4-in-1 baby cot which is exactly like the Stokke Sleepi but cheaper by 1k. Currently on promotion price of course from the original price which was 4.3k. Best thing about it is that the price includes all bedding accessories and bumper, complete with the mosquito net. Worth checking them out at the baby loft at Publika. 

Also, our room is 80% ready. My nesting mode can finally calm down. Oh wait, i need a new dressing table *grins*

*excuse the wires. Adam was supposed to figure out how to mount it under the shelving unit.