Friday, September 25, 2015

Squeeky Clean

If you know me, you would know I don't have just ONE cleanser. If you don't know me, yes I love buying cleanser. Due to my curiosity, I have tried quite a number of cleanser but there are only a couple of cleansers that I do repurchase and when I repurchase, it would only mean that it truly works for me 

Number 1 in my list is the Josie Maran Oil Cleanser. Love the smell and it does its task. There's a few bad reviews on this product but I find it good as it it doesn't strip off all of the natural moisture off my face and I know this because my skin feels supple after using it instead of the usual dry effect of any other cleanser. Plus, it is 100% made with organ oil. Good stuff for sure. 

The key is to know how to use it. I always warm the oil with my palm and then proceed to smooth the oil over my dry face. Next, I wet my skin and massage the cleanser in. It will automatically emulsify into a some kind of creamy milk. Final step, rinse and done! 

Number 2 is the Angels on Bare Skin by Lush. I'm pretty sure it is my 3rd jar (I bought 2 jars and 1 jar was given to me as my birthday gift this year. YIPEE!) and I make sure I don't run out of it. We don't have lush here but there's a lot of IG accounts that do preorders regularly. 

The Angels on Bare Skin cleanser is very different from the Josie Maran cleansing oil. Its more clay like. I mainly love it due to its mild exfoliation. I can't scrub often due to my dry and sensitive skin, hence this was naturally a good choice. Totally gave me that everyday glow. Judging from the 3rd jar purchase, I know for sure I won't stop purchasing this product (looking forward to buy my 4th jar in HK!) . 

To be frank, Angels on Bare Skin is not the only product that I love from Lush. I will share my favourite toner and moisturiser from Lush in future entry. Yes, I agree. Lush should really open a store here! 

Sunday, September 20, 2015

The shopping bug bit me

I've been really shopping lately. Despite saying from the beginning I would probably not need a fancy rocker, I wanted a fancy rocker late last month. So yes, the shopping bug bit me. Hard. 

As you know all baby related gadgets are pretty expensive and I've got my heart set on two products which are the Cocoonababy and a fancy rocker. Of course the most popular brand for a fancy rocker to date would be the Nunaleaf. However, a fancy rocker would cost almost 1k and the Cocoonababy which I have surveyed many many times would cost almost 1k as well. Now, I couldn't possibly get both with the current retail price. 

I can't remember how exactly I joined to the preloved baby goods page on fb but I did and I started browsing. Now, there are a whole lot of baby things! I regularly browse the page to see what else that I might need for BabyIJ. To my surprise, someone wants to let go of her Cocoonababy for merely RM300 with an extra cover! I said merely RM300 because of its actually price of course. After discussing on the date of purchase and such, me and Adam went to see the seller to inspect on the item. Adam agrees to purchase to satisfy my 'needs' and of course because the price is right for an item that is difficult for the baby to use once he starts turning. 

Not the real item photo but mine also comes complete with the packaging and manual 

The second item I purchased was a rocker. No, I did not get the nunaleaf. The Nunaleaf apparently operates manually and you have to swing it every 3 minutes. Then again the  main selling point for Nunaleaf is that it can be used up to 60kg. There are people selling off their Nunaleaf BUT the price hasn't gone down a lot. The last time I checked the preloved price for a Nunaleaf is still about RM950. Decided to purchase the Joie Serina 2 in 1 due to it being able to become separate rocker which is easier for us to bring the baby downstairs whenever we want to, and the price is within our budget (and how can you resist that baby..

We recently picked this up over the weekend and was very satisfied with it. True to the seller's description 9.5/10 (it really looks brand new) and everything works as how it is supposed to work. I can't really give a review until the baby is out to know whether it works in putting the baby to sleep or keeping him occupied but I'll surely do a review on these items in the near future. 

All in all, I'm glad I saved a lot of money buying preloved things. One person's junk is another person's treasure, no? 

Monday, September 14, 2015

3rd Anniversary trip (part 1) - The stop at Kulacakes

Can't believe it has been 3 years with Adam. To be honest, I wasn't sure when he said he wanted to get married at the age of merely 25. I was probably still having fun at that age and he said he wanted to settle down at that age! What I didn't know is that married couple can still have fun too. Even more fun, actually.

Anyway, after much discussion, we decided to try another YTL hotel for our anniversary having doing so for our 1st anniversary at Majestic Hotel KL (this was equally amazing, btw). We chose Tanjung Jara Resort due to its location; the beach and also we haven't gone to Terengganu for the longest time. Since Adam currently owns a gopro, we were certain that there will be more photos of us this trip (some photos were taken with our Olympus Pen epl-7 which is amazing as well)

We started the day with breakfast at Darus, and off we were to Terengganu. I wanted to drop by Kuantan for the famous mango cheesecakes by Kulacakes and we arrived Kuantan about 1 and just in time for it to open. Perfect timing, I must say. 

I was probably not a fan in general of mango cheesecake but it didn't hit the spot for me. I would still prefer Jaslyn Cakes in comparison to Kulacakes. Adam took the peanut butter cake and was also disappointed with the consistency of the cake. He however said that the brownies were good and I LOVE their pandan cooler. It was very refreshing. I would definitely come back for this. 

All in all it was a good break from sitting in the car and we loved taking photos in the compound of Kulacakes. We continued our journey to Tanjung Jara Resort after taking numerous photos of course. Please take note if you need a toilet break, please do so before going on the highway. THERE IS NO TOILET STOP along the highway. Quite challenging for this mommy-to-be, really. 

Okay, one last photo of the famous mural in Kulacakes. Love the mural. Its so cute! 

Tuesday, September 1, 2015

26 weeks

Our detailed scan that was done on my 22nd week was probably the most confusing scan of all. The doctor was checking on the important organs and was telling us a lot of technical things shown on the ultrasound. All in all, babyIJ was growing well except that his heart chambers can't be seen clearly due to him moving all the time during the scan. Of course I was very worried but when we came in for our 26th week check up, the doctor confirmed everything was okay just that I got to know I gained 3.8 kg over raya. Darn those raya food and me assuming I won't gain much (yeah right

I was also given a tetanus shot that day itself. I did tell my nurse I need at least a month's notice for every shot given throughout my pregnancy. Sigh. It was painful and it stayed being painful for days after! Nope, not exaggerating. I'll be given another tetanus shot again when I reach my 30+ weeks because this is my first pregnancy. 

The things I do for you, BabyIJ 

So, my next check up would involve a glucose test (29 weeks). I am unsure whether it is a must to do a glucose test in DEMC or could it be because my dad has diabetes which automatically means that I would probably have it as well. The glucose test wasn't too bad. It was sweet but I honestly think people were exaggerating on it. The only thing that I was afraid on that day was drawing blood twice!

Anyway, here's our baby at 26 weeks. Looks like he has full luscious lips like me and .... my nose! I should look at Adam more instead of myself in the mirror in the remaining months.