Sunday, March 6, 2016

Baby Wearing : Lillebaby Complete Airflow

Boy, you wont believe the amount of time I've put on researching for the best SSC for Isaac. At first I was so into Ergobaby 360, searching high and low for a preloved, and finally got one for a decent price. However, on the same day of finally finalising to purchase the item, Bebetotz uploaded a carrier called the Lillebaby Complete Airflow on their Instagram account. 

I was immediately attracted to it because there are many reviews on Ergobaby being too hot   (you can opt for Ergobaby Cool Air to overcome this but it is pretty expensive here) and hello, I live in a tropical climate where HOT is 80% of the weather here in a year. I prefer the look of Ergobaby but I decided that I don't want Isaac to be cooked in his carrier. I did opted for the Active Baby K'tan for this reason as well, so the SSC chosen should also lean towards fulfilling this purpose too. 

True to its name, there are numerous good review on Lillebaby Complete Airflow. One, it is cooler when compared to Ergobaby, two, you don't need an infant insert (I am planning to keep this until our second baby comes. God knows when) and three, you can wear it in 6 different positions in which I would probably wear 3 out of the 6 positions. 

Here's my view after a few weeks of wearing the Lillebaby Complete Airflow. 

Would I ditch my Baby K'tan? NO! I think wraps are amazing for newborns. At least until they are 3 months plus. I would keep my Baby K'tan when I am too lazy to set the SSC up. Wraps are generally softer and easier to store while SSC takes more space and I am still figuring out how to store it nicely. It is also advisable to start using SSC only when your baby is 4 months and above. However, the Lillebaby Complete did claim that it can accommodate newborns as well. Since I do not have a newborn to try the Lillebaby with, I have no idea whether newborns would be comfortable being in one. 

It is also better to rent or try carriers before purchasing them because what works for others might not work for you and vice versa. There's a few places where you can actually rent carriers to try out. We took a risk in buying without trying but it turned out well for us. Thank god, if it didn't work, Isaac owes us money. 

To date, I've been using the Lillebaby for my walks and recently for my exercise routines while Adam uses it for our outings. Isaac didn't sweat much in the carrier. Almost dry, really. He sleeps in the carrier each time we go for our morning walks. 

Best thing about carriers is that you can easily kiss your baby

A little pocket where you can place your phone and wallet
The head support is amazing when Isaac sleeps. I would use it when I see him getting sleepy and he'll sleep in no time. AMAZING!

Adam loves it when we use it for our weekend outings. Front facing Isaac from time to time especially when we dine really makes him happy. 

My cool boys

So generally we are happy with the Lillebaby although I wished it was softer. I do hope it will soften with time. Im looking forward to use our Lillebaby when we go on our next trip. 

My next SSC target is a Jumpsac which is made locally. I want a pink one please! 


Edited (2018): i own one Kinderpack and Isaac grew out of it. I will write a review on Kinderpack once my second child fits into it