Monday, May 2, 2016

Penang - First road trip for Isaac and us as parents (Part 1)

It is obvious that I haven't been blogging for quite some time. Aside from busy being a mom, I have been really busy at work too. So the trip to Penang was something that I was really looking forward to. I told Adam that I only wanted to have one thing in Penang and that would be the Hameed Special Mi Sotong. I saw this on an instagram account when I was pregnant and it has been on my mind ever since. 

We planned our journey according to Isaac's routine. Aimed to leave the house by 9:30 am (managed to do this, phew!) because we know Isaac would want to sleep by 10 am. There's a big difference bringing Isaac around this time because he has started eating! So I had to prepare his food that would be sufficient for the whole trip. We had a total of 3 bags which is not that bad, really. I expected to bring the whole house with us! 

We decided to stop by Ipoh to feed this little man and change his diaper. This proves to be a good move because he was starting to get anxious in his car seat. 

Frozen pear, banana and pumpkin

He is really happy to be OUT of the car seat

Pear and banana. YUM

Helping mommy with her OOTD shots

We continued our journey to the island after making sure that Isaac is full and has a clean diaper. The journey wasn't as smooth as it was before because Isaac was having a hard time to sleep. He was knocked out after a bottle of milk (I had to go to and fro between the front and back of the car for this - so please get a 4 door car if you have a family trip). We arrived Lone Pine at about 5 plus and thank God the check in process went smoothly. I honestly cannot wait to just laze around in the pool after being in the car for so long!

The whole room was as pretty as how we remembered it. We were here in 2014 for our 2nd year anniversary, so this is our second time in Lone Pine. A baby cot was placed in the room but we find that it is a bit sunken so Isaac had to sleep in the big bed with us, hence the smile on his face here. As he doesn't move around when he sleeps, we didn't mind having him on our bed. Plus, a holiday is also a time to relax and not follow the usual rule, right Isaac? On Monday, you sleep in your bed again, okay 

Yeay I can sleep with my parents for 2 nights!
We obviously didn't waste any time changing to spend whats left of the day time to go for a swim. Isaac had a firm and curious look throughout his swimming session. He was probably trying to digest how come there's a lot of people sharing his tub that day. Oh well, at least he didn't cry like the last time we put him in the pool in Phuket. 

Water baby

Oh my, who farted in the water
The long day ended with a good walk by the beach. He slept right after HIS dinner time and was really cranky when we woke him up for OUR dinner time. No food hunting activity achieved that day, but we were really happy that we arrived safely, and survived our trip going to Penang. Now, the journey back, is another story... 


Sunset watching

The boy who refused to wake up for dinner