Sunday, February 14, 2016

Phuket 2016

I'm supposed to write about our Hong Kong trip, but decided to do Phuket first. Granted it was Isaac's first trip out of Malaysia, it was also Adam's first trip to Thailand. It was my first trip to Phuket, but I had a feeling it would be similar to Krabi. I was partially correct. Phuket is a busier island compared to Krabi, in my opinion. 

As you are aware, Isaac's first flight experience went better than what we imagined. When we arrived at the Phuket Airport, we were not given any immigration form by the air stewardess which was kind of odd. Perhaps they ran out of it? God knows. 

Now, the hotel that my in-laws booked was 40 minutes away from the airport, so it was another long journey to finally rest and relax. Similar to Krabi, the driver stopped at a place whereby they promote many activities to be done in Phuket. 

We stayed in the Holiday-Inn Express and it was perfectly placed as it is very near to the beach and surrounded by 7-11. Rooms were clean and they even accommodated our request for a baby cot for Isaac. Since Isaac is trained to sleep in a baby cot, he enjoyed sleeping in it. I know because he slept for 8 hours straight throughout our stay. The only downside is that the room does not come with a bath tub. So Isaac had to take his bath in the sink. 

Happy baby in the morning 
One of the activities that is worth mentioning is Isaac's first time in the swimming pool. Which did not turn out well, by the way. I took pity on him and did not continue to soak him in the pool. My guess is that the water was too cold for him. Poor baby. 

We also went snorkelling with my FIL and SIL. Without Isaac of course. My MIL and aunt was kind enough to take care of him while we went on a full day trip to Phi Phi Island. Honestly, the corals and fishes are way better in Malaysia. My FIL even commented that it looks like a black and white TV down there. So please, go for Redang or Perhentian if you really want to see the beautiful land under the sea. I enjoyed myself nonetheless. It was Adam's first time snorkelling and he commented that it was beautiful. This guy really needs to go to Redang. 
At the pier

Apparently people actually live here! 

More people than sand at Maya Bay

The Johnstons chilling 

Bobbing heads

Completed the night with watching Simon Cabaret (watched it in Bangkok many years ago). Still, very entertaining. Of course, Isaac was fast asleep throughout.

100 Baht minimum to be paid for photo sessions but the ladyboys were kind enough to give it to us for free
The next day was spent with Isaac. We brought him to the beach and I can see that he was trying to absorb as much as he could. He probably wouldn't remember his first time seeing the beach, but I would forever remember it. That should count too. 

Pathway is available for strollers

Street food. Please take note its hard to find halal food in Phuket. However there are many Indian/Arab restaurants. If you don't mind having that most of the time ..
Wide awake at the beach
One with daddy
He fell asleep (again) on our way back to the hotel. I notice he likes to be cuddled when he sleeps now. Hence why I would really want to purchase an Ergobaby. We visited Bangla road on our last night and boy it was full of lady boys, ping pong shows, pole dancings.. very festive indeed! We also had to purchase extra formula milk for the little guy as we were running really low on our supply. Need to remember to ALWAYS bring an extra tin of milk for future trips.  

Bangla road
Cabaret show 
Probably the most amusing thing that night
All in all it was a very good trip and I had my foot massage and full body massage as per planned. Didn't purchase anything much in Phuket, but here's my loot from the airport and Boots Pharmacy. Haven't tried the serum yet but the lip balm saved my super dry lips in Phuket. 

The dried durian is NOT okay to me. Cashew nuts were so good and the milk durian candy was okay as well 

Buy 1 free 1 promotion. Hooray!

Note: A huge thank you to my in-laws for including us in this trip and for all the Baht spent in this trip. We are looking forward to the day that we would be able to do the same too for them instead. 

Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Baby Wearing : Baby K'tan

I only started wearing my Baby K'tan in my recent Phuket trip although I bought it before Isaac was born. I delayed my baby wearing because Isaac was a very small baby at the beginning, and we got a light stroller which is the Babyzen Yoyo (Great stroller, by the way). 

It was a bit awkward trying on the Baby K'tan but I got the hang of it after a couple of times wearing it. One big advantage is that I don't need to wrap it as it is more like an instant baby wrap and you can toss it in the washing machine when you want to clean it. I also got the Baby K'tan Active to suit our oh so hot weather which was a good choice because Isaac didn't sweat at all despite the scorching weather in Phuket. 

There's multiple way of using the wrap but I've only tried one position. Isaac sleeps soundly it in and it takes him 5 minutes for him to doze off in it. I even got my foot massage with him strapped in the Baby K'tan. 

Look at how comfy he is 

We even went to the gym to fool around while Isaac sleeps

Still need to position him better, but he seems okay

I'm looking forward to try place him in the front facing position. I need to wait until he is strong enough to sit. However, one unfortunate feature of Baby K'tan is that Adam can't share the wrap with me as it comes in sizes and it is measured against the wearer rather than the weight of the baby. So with this, we are planning to buy another carrier. We're eyeing on the Ergobaby 360. Seems like an amazing carrier to share between us. 

Ain't it pretty?

Monday, February 8, 2016

Phuket : Isaac's First Flight Out

The moment that we have been waiting for was finally happening. Isaac's first flight out. We were nervous on what to pack on my carry on luggage ( I used a Hobobe from Ju-Ju-Be - a seperate post for what I packed coming up next!) , how to calm him during take off and landing but I did a lot of research beforehand and basically it turned out pretty well. The only chaotic moment was when he pooped before flight. That was an understatement. He made an explosion in his diaper that went right up his clothes. Couldn't find any baby changing room near to our departure gate so we opted for the disabled toilet which was uncomfortable for Isaac. He cried a little bit at the end but was back to his happy mode not long after.

Wearing overalls from Grand Aunt Carol
I like touching my son's nose.. 

Isaac was actually looking at the curtains separating us from Business Class

Happy baby on board
Despite the delay last night, Isaac slept all the way through the flight home. He was crying  at the airport because he was getting tired and he wants to sleep (why do babies cry when they want to sleep, huh?). I do know how you feel, Isaac. But a delay is better than boarding a faulty air craft. 

Oh no, Isaac. Why did you poop right before take off?
Note: Isaac had diarrhea and developed a nasty case of diaper rash in Phuket. One thing you need to take note is NEVER wash your kid's bum with wet wipes as it stings them. Use moist cotton balls instead and ensure that the area is always dry. He is now getting better.  Less poop and the red rash is not as bad as a few nights ago. Thank God!