Sunday, January 31, 2016

Current Motherhood Obsession: Diaper Bags

I love bags and that is not something everyone would be surprised to know. I just didn't know I would have an obsession over diaper bags. My MIL bought a diaper bag for us (my MIL is probably the most thoughtful MIL, really) when I first got pregnant in 2012, which ended with a miscarriage. So when other mothers enquired on which bag am I using and would I buy another bag, I casually said I have one, and one was enough. Boy, was I wrong!

I came across the Ju-Ju-Be bag after following a number of baby stores on Instagram. Googled it and I find myself glued on my laptop watching how mothers pack their diaper bags. I eventually succumbed to buying a BFF Ju-Ju-Be and chose the Perky-Toki print as my first Ju-Ju-Be. I admit it is a bit too girlish for Adam to carry around so I made sure I bought a couple of stroller clips to hang it on the stroller instead.

Matching changing pad. It's padded too!

Here's what I usually pack for weekend outings to the mall. The inner color of all Ju-Ju-Be bags are light colored to aid us mommies to look for things for our little baby. The Perky-Toki features a beautiful light purple inside. 


As you can see, I do have a lot more space and I didn't use any of the internal pockets. I don't prefer to pack it to the brim as this could be too heavy for me. The IKEA plastic container holds Isaac's bottle, thermos and formula milk and the other small bag which is also a Ju-Ju-Be bag contains diapers, a change of clothes in case of puke/poop accidents and of course, wet wipes. 

Featuring Queen of the Nile Be Quick.

What I love most about this bag is the mommy's pocket and how I can see the whole content of the bag since the zipper goes around rather than just on top of the bag like most bags. 

Here, true to its name, is my space where I place all my necessary needs for an outing here, including my wallet, house keys/car keys, sunnies, and some hair accessories.


Wished I had a purple color wallet and coin purse to match the inner lining.

This little pocket is also amazing. This is where I place all emergency needs such as tissues for drool/puke, wet wipes and hand sanitizer. Love the fact that it is placed outside the bag so I can quickly reach for it. Honestly when you have a baby, you really have to be super quick and have a LOT of wet wipes.


What is super amazing about all Ju-Ju-Be bags is that you can machine wash it. Haven't tried that yet because I'm really super careful when I bring it out, not because I am afraid it would get dirty, but because I love it so so much!

Ju-Ju-Be has various types of bags and I'm hoping to get one in each type out of curiousity. I'm already sold on the brand, so this won't be the only time I would be blogging on Ju-Ju-Be for sure. New mothers, get a Ju-Ju-Be and you'll be hooked! 

Rocking our Ju-Ju-Be BFF

Friday, January 22, 2016

Oh Boobies

Boobies has been the main topic since I gave birth. I think everyones favourite question would be have you breastfed. Hows the milk. Hows my boobies. SO awkward. I've never remembered doing so when visiting new mothers, really. You guys should stop asking new mothers this. It only brings pressures, not encouragements. 

Breastfeeding was difficult for me. First, the milk won't come. I've read about mothers who go through c-section would only produce milk 4 days after delivery. Due to this, I allowed the hospital to feed Isaac.. with formula of course. 

Second, when the milk came, it was so painful because I was already engorged by that time. Isaac constantly wants milk and my nipples were getting really sore that I was actually afraid of him waking up. I actually have milk ducts in my armpit. Gross, but apparently it happens to some mothers (Ain't I lucky?)

Isaac wakes up- wants milk-sore nipples-mommy cries

Yes, that was the sequence. Truly a vicious cycle for my boobs. This went on for a few days. It was unbearable and I begin not enjoying having Isaac. At that point, everyone said I need to get the milk out. I had a manual pump but I was clearly clueless on how to use it. My massage lady tried to get them out and yes VERY painful. 

I finally broke down a week after delivery and told Adam, that I would want to see a lactation consultant. We went to the nearest to us (  and was advised to get an electrical pump. She did relieve me off my engorgement problem by squeezing my boobs, and pumping at the same time. Again, PAINFUL! 

I did try to direct latch a few times after but I knew I am not producing enough for my growing baby. I pumped in between feeding and I only could get about 3oz if I am lucky, 1 oz on a regular basis. Feeling down, I tried to resort to milk boosters but it didn't work for me mainly because the best milk booster is still the baby itself. Due to feeling sore each time after direct latch, I just decided to rely on the pump, which is obviously a lot more work. 

At this point I am not breastfeeding and it is OKAY. Motherhood is truly not about judging how other mothers do it. Most importantly, I am not going to miss seeing my son growing up by fussing and stressing over something I can't do. 

Will I try to breastfeed my next child? YES, with hope that this experience would aid me at that time. 

Isaac turned 3 months this month and has a healthy BMI of 16

My little brave boy