Monday, May 14, 2018

To VBAC or not to VBAC

My gynae has been asking me what is my preferred method to deliver my second child. My first thought was I wanted to try going for a normal delivery or better known as VBAC (Vaginal Birth after Cesarean) since I went through a Cesarean when I had Isaac. 

She said there are risks that I have to be aware off. Honestly, delivering a baby is a risk all mothers take regardless whether it is a normal delivery or a Cesarean. For some women, even being pregnant is risky. However, when she laid down the risks, I would not lie to myself that I had doubts about choosing VBAC. Adam? He decided it was too gory for him to think about it that I caught him playing with his phone while the Gynae was talking about the possibility of a uterine rupture. If you look at the image, yes scary! 

I also told my gynae I am open to the idea of Cesarean IF all fails. The most important thing is to get my baby out as well as me in one piece, with minimal damage. 

I will know what is my luck in delivering my second child in a couple of weeks. The waiting game has officially begun at 36 weeks plus. She is currently 2.2kg which is well above Isaac's weight at this very same week so whenever you are ready, girl. Remember, minimal pain for mommy please. 

note: I'm pretty sure that when Adam reads this post he would ask, "Are your sure you don't want to opt for an elective cesarean, bb?"

Sunday, April 29, 2018

Our Babymoon in Tanjung Jara Resort_Part 1

We are finally back again after 3 years. We were here when I was about 30 plus weeks with isaac and now we are here with another at 34 weeks. Why tanjong jara again? Because we enjoyed ourselves so much the last time that we made a promise to come again when we have Isaac with us ( this little one in my tummy wasn't in the picture at that time but we love you, baby adik!).

When we arrived we were greeted by the sound of the Gong to signify there's incoming guests. We were then seated at their lobby for our check-in process.Yes no lining up at the reception to check-in. Cold towels and beverages were provided as well. While waiting Isaac was really anxious about going to the ocean. The check-in process duration wasn't too long but u need to bear in mind that a deposit of RM1000 is needed during check in. We were shocked ( it is quite an amount, yes? It's usually much lesser than that) when they asked for it the first time we were here but we were well aware of it this time. This deposit can also be deducted throughout our stay. So, the activities/food (mainly food in our case) can be charged to the room or you can opt to pay on a separate account upon checking out. 
With a grinning Isaac 
We were placed much nearer to the reception area this time which was a relief to me but with that, we are much further from the kids' pool. Granted that we are near to the adult pool but in TJR, the adult pool is only meant for adults, which was fine by us.

So here is the Serambi room and it is spacious for sure. I just love the bathroom area. Wished we had space to make this at our own home.

Main bed area 

Bath tub that Isaac claims as his 

A day bed which I use it as my sleeping bed because this momma needs space 

Went to the beach on the very same day because we promised Isaac to bring him to see the ocean and as a treat because he was amazingly well behaved throughout our journey. I've come to realise that Isaac loves road trips and can entertain himself with his toys (Thank God). He had a joyful time at the beach, playing with a set of beach toys that we bought from Happikiddo. 

I would like to thank Adam for driving us here, having the energy to play with isaac after that long drive and sponsoring this trip. We love you, daddy! So very much.

Thursday, April 26, 2018

Hello America ( October 2017_part 2)

I've decided I can't possibly document everything we did on our US trip because we went for 3 weeks.Therefore I would probably focus on the highlights of our trip. 

I remember Isaac being cranky the very next day when we arrived. We went to the Tyson Corner Mall with Adam's aunt and he insisted that we carried him all day long which is unusual for isaac because he is usually comfortable being pushed in his stroller.

I was honestly dreading the whole idea of oh my god, are we going to have to endure with this the whole 3 weeks? I can't do it too often because I was merely into my 1st trimester and I felt sorry for Isaac when I see him wanting me to carry him.

First day out

With daddy

Isaac wants a Tesla 

Shadow play with Tok Moi 

I can't blame Isaac because I felt really sick the few days we were there too and thank God for my mom's Assam jawa recipe. It cured my sore throat and I was all better for our road trip to NYC and Niagara Falls. Isaac became more like himself a few days after as well. He was probably adjusting with the weather and time zone. So next entry is on our trip to NYC and Niagara Falls!

Note: Isaac had a meltdown in the next entry. So much to learn from a child, yes?

Wednesday, April 25, 2018

Womb service - penang trip

Now Adam is not an impromptu person. I almost choked when he asked me, "So when do you want to go to penang to get your Mi Sotong Hameed?" I jokingly said,"Why don't we go this weekend since i do not have any classes this weekend." ( I'm currently undertaking a diploma for teaching and learning). He replied calmly and said "Challenge accepted"

Truth is I thought he would change his mind nearing weekend but to my surprise he didn't. Adam's plan was just a day trip and well, I, on the other hand would prefer to spend at least one night. With this we decided to play by ear and decide once we arrive. We took our time to depart from Shah Alam and we only started driving out to Penang about 2 pm

We told Isaac it was going to be a long car ride so brace yourself, Isaac. He was surprisingly well behaved and was mainly singing and watching the trucks/cars along the way. He slept for an hour and that's it!

We arrived in penang about 7 pm and headed straight to the Mi Sotong Hameed. Isaac soaked his pants because us parents were too lazy to change to his diaper ( yes we only have ourselves to blame).Unfortunately I was too full from the Starbucks I had earlier along the way and couldn't finish my meal. I had two glasses of coconut shake though. So yum!

Isaac and his monster truck. The food was too spicy for him though
We decided to find a place in town after dinner and came across this place. I was interested in staying a night in The Artist Studio Lodge because it as an artistic appeal into it and I would want to have a attached toilet as well because it is scary to be going to the toilet at 3 am (and I go to the toilet often now with my current condition). However, upon checking in our room that I found out that the toilet is on a sharing basis. My bladder seems to get the idea because I did not wake up to pee at odd hours throughout the night. Phew. We left the place early in the morning without having the chance to notify the owner because she was nowhere to be found. It was unfortunate however that the owner is a bit cold towards us which I don't understand why. Maybe we weren't the type of guests that she preferred.

We had a nice and calm breakfast along Transfer Road. It was really good because we avoided the other stall which had a bigger crowd. With a travelling toddler, one has to make wise decisions such as this.

Isaac and his love for fruits 

This was so good. Eggs and cheese in between 

Our little family. Isaac wanted to have a sip of Adam's Teh Ais 
Overall we enjoyed our short trip to Penang and was pretty pleased at how Isaac behaved throughout our journey. Can't wait to bring Isaac to Tanjung Jara this weekend. 

Tuesday, April 24, 2018

Julia Gabriel for Our Little Man

Honestly the title should state that one of the reasons we went to Julia Gabriel is for me. I've been wanting to experience being in Julia Gabriel for so long! Yes, even BEFORE Isaac came into our life.

Now, I started off with making some calls to the centre to enquire about their programs. Apparently they only have 1 program which is suitable for Isaac's age and it is a parent accompanied program. He will only be able to join in the independent programs when he is much older. After enquiring further on the payments, I was informed that the trial class would be RM159 for the ones on Saturday. The program goes by semesters, and some semesters would have 14 weeks while some runs on a 10 weeks program. 

One of the reasons why I wanted to enrol Isaac in a weekend play school is to enhance his skills and to entertain him because he gets bored easily now. 

We were greeted by 3 teachers and was told that there are only 3 babies joining us for the day which is something that I preferred. The session started with a 15 minutes warm up session (the whole session is 1 hour and 30 minutes). Isaac was overwhelmed with the toys and the space that he could crawl! By the end of 15 minutes he was screaming with delight and started to be more comfortable with the playroom. 

The session was based on a colour theme and it was brown. So all the songs and activities revolves around the theme. We did stamping on a drawing of a bear and sang songs about a brown bear and his friends. 
Isaac actually wanted to eat the potatoes

At the end of the day Isaac had a water play session which I wasn't prepared for (I did ask whether I do need to bring anything on that day and the person in charge said no) and he had some snacks before we ended our day. 
No pants because we came unprepared

With the other mommies and teachers

All in all it was a fun session and I would have signed up if we have the budget for it. I am all in for learning through having fun activities. Maybe I will come back to Julia Gabriel in the future to enrol isaac for his pre-school years. Money, RAIN on me! 

Hello America (October 2017_Part 1)

I would be lying if I were to tell you guys I wasn't nervous about bringing a toddler on a long haul flight. Fortunately for us, my in laws will be accompanying us on the trip going to US but it would be just the 3 of us when we take our flight back to Malaysia. 

So what should you prepare when you travel with a toddler? 

Definitely a lot of patience.. and new toys! We even wrapped them like gifts so Isaac will have the joy of unwrapping them. This trick worked on Isaac because he wasn't really attracted to watching the flight entertainment. I did make sure that I packed enough formula milk and diapers. I sure don't want to run out of them along the way. That would have been disastrous. So yes, pack enough or always go for more if you are unsure. 

In general Isaac behaved well on flight. He slept most of the time on flight and only waking up for diaper changes. However, when he is awake he will wonder why is it taking so long to reach our destination and tried to position himself in many different positions to make himself comfortable in between us. 

Sleepy before our flight because it was a night flight 

Another tip when traveling is the lesser hand luggage the better it is 

Our little traveller 

Apparently I don't have any photos on flight so these are the only ones I have of our journey going to US. I was 3 weeks pregnant when I went for this trip and we went for an appointment with our gynae to ensure that I am fit to travel. I was prescribed with hormone pills and of course folic acid. I remember being unsure that my pregnancy would survive but hey, this little lady in me is a strong lady. 

Better Late than Never

Oh my, how time flies. When i looked at my last entry it was in 2016! I don't know how i became lazy to update my blog but like the title states, better late than never.. 

So here I am, April 2018 and 34 weeks pregnant. We have always known that we would want another child and are thankful that our prayers were answered much quicker than expected. 

We are expecting a girl this time and as I have jokingly told everyone that this might be my last child ( I really think we want another one if it is in God's plan as well)

Here is our precious daughter first photo. We will see you in 6 weeks time, sayang

33 weeks then, with soon to be big brother, Isaac 

The first time Isaac saw his little sister. How can you resist that smile?

Hello, baby girl. You have my lips there 

PS: I'm going to try and blog about our US trip that we took in October 2017. May the force be with this momma!