Sunday, June 26, 2016

Isaac Johnston's Aqiqah

I think everybody knew how excited I am about Isaac's Aqiqah. I started preparing weeks before the event and I am very satisfied on how the event turned out to be. Despite Isaac was a bit cranky that day, which limited my socialising time with my invited guests. He was probably overwhelmed with the attention he received that day. Plus, the event was scheduled during his afternoon nap time.

Being a person who loves craft-making, I insisted on doing some DIY decorations, despite hiring a decorator for the event. It was the best decision I made because I was very satisfied with the outcome. Craft making proves to be a bit more difficult this time because I can only realize my ideas when Isaac was asleep, which resulted in my own lack of sleep.

When I started planning for the aqiqah, I knew I wanted something simple, not over the top with a lot of flowers. Something that's a bit more boyish ( and cheaper due to lack of fresh flowers). Pluck and Blush got the idea of what I wanted and sent me some drafts. I decided quickly which was the way to go. I believe in leaving things to the professionals and not to meddle too much into it. The word 'trust' here is very important. 

The night before the event, Pluck and Blush came and started setting up the backdrop for the event. They are basically a very hardworking and diligent husband and wife team. They used to be my students many years ago. Despite the wife being heavily pregnant, they still came all the way to my mom's house AND stayed until 2 am to complete the job! If you do have an upcoming event, I would totally recommend them. While they were working on the background and such, the rest of us were working on other things needed for the event. My aunts and cousins were busy with the door gifts while me and Adam worked on my DIY ideas. One of the things that I was thankful is that isaac has started sleeping throughout the night by this time so we could focus on our tasks without worrying about him waking up.

All the work paid off when we saw how it turned up the next morning. Everything was how I imagined it would look like. All those sleepless nights was worth it. 

Hanging baby breaths decoration by us 
Dessert table by me. You can't see the dessert because it came in the middle of the event. Those tassels sure took a long time to make.
Center table decoration by Pluck and Blush

Our little man getting ready for his big day 

Proud parents... and Isaac starting to cry.. 

The usual suspects
Adam and his car buddies

One pretty satisfied mommy here!

All in all, I am very happy with how things turn up to be. The food was good, the decoration and everything was how I imagined it would be for my little boy. I'm going to have to start preparing for his 1st birthday in 4 months time now! I already have a theme .. 

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