Friday, July 8, 2016

Bibir - A Review on Syed Faizal's First Product

First let me introduce who Syed Faizal is. He is a renowned make-up artist who has done many magazine spreads and has beautified many brides-to-be, including myself. I love his touch. He is known for his amazing glowy make-up for brides and experimental ones for magazine spreads. Based on my own experience, I would recommend him again and again to future brides. 

When I found out he was coming out with his own product, I knew I had to have them. His first product features 6 matte liquid lip color and he featured various local stylists/celebrities/socialite for his campaign. They are priced at RM 40 per piece and if you buy 3, there's free postage for you. 

He describes his first collection as playful pop colors and each are quite pigmented. They should feel weightless and waterproof. Their Instagram Page also features steps on how to use their lip color in 3 easy steps; prep, line and fill in.

As their team was having a free postage promotion for a purchase of three lip color, I decided to get three (it's pretty easy to convince me. Sheesh)

Here are my chosen colors:

Roseluck, Sparklesnap, Firecracker (also shown is the packaging it came with. Reminds me of Sephora)

Roseluck is described as a deep red while Sparklesnap is more of an orange color. Now I did not want to purchase Firecracker at first but since Syed Faizal himself said I could pull off the color, I decided to get it. Firecracker is a deep brown color.




The first time I tried it on, I could see all the lines on my lips. Hence the first step is VERY important. Always remember to prep your lips with lip balm and avoid rubbing your lips together after application since it is matte, it is not the same as wearing normal lipstick. As for the waterproof and being lightweight, they indeed lived up to that. In fact, it is hard to take it off! I had to use oil cleanser to clean it off. 

Overall I would recommend this brand as it is long lasting (but you need to reapply after eating, of course). Syed Faizal is coming out with a range of nude colors next. Count me in! 

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